:slight_smile: looks similar to something…

I’m not affiliated in anyway


A few years back, I would say that building a tracker (or any music software) using HTML, javascript seemed like a proof of concept more than anything else.

But nowadays, I think it’s actually very clever - especially for an open-source project.JS engines have come a long way…

I know it’s getting close to the point where native and runtime apps in the browser will be almost indistinguishable… Exciting times. I’ve been doing a lot more JS development in recent years and having the audio/visual capabilities in the browser, but also different methods to achieve things, has really expanded my horizons as an artist as well.

This is also in development https://probe.audiotool.com/

I actually made a very basic start on a browser-based piano roll for Renoise before Christmas… lots more to be done on that though ;0


Audiotool seems also to be doing well.