weyheyhey - four free XRNS pack

hey guys

thought maybe some of you might be interested in this. I’ve just released a zip file with four of my finished and (mostly) released tracks. You’re free to do whatever you like with them, hope someone finds them useful/fun/informative :)/> There are four XRNS files for these tracks:

Cainin Ableton:

I’m Your Daddy:

and two others, you get the idea :)/>

you can download the zip at the bottom of my page here: http://weyheyhey.com/

have fun! :)/>

cool thnks!

Hey, thanks!

I saw you at Soundflow last year and really enjoyed your set dude! I party blame you for my not making any sense for most of the sunday :P

Awesome gift!

Big ups man, can’t wait to poke through these. :slight_smile:

These the same as you posted on FB a little while back?

in the last couple of weeks, yeah :)

Thanks!! Nice tracks!!

No problem guys, hope someone finds them useful maybe :)