"What A Wild Cat That Cat Is"

Hey, another Dinner for One Please, James-song… Acoustic guitars/8bit stuff/vocals. XOmments welcomes!!!

Download mp3 from last.fm


very twee and cute :3

really good vocals!

haha rural romanticism isnt it :) thanks a bunch :)

I like it very much, even if I’m not a cat.

If you don’t mind me comparing your music to something else, it reminds me of Tunng - one of my folksy favourites.

I only heard of them very recently after meting one of their members with my sister for a pint as she has a shout on the cover of their latest album for helping with some lyrical inspiration in India last year. Seems quite nice stuff though. Also been enjoying The Imagined Village recently.

Just listened and really like it. Agree with the Tunng comment, or a few other people of that ilk. Good work :)

Sweet :) Feeling it.

thanks guys! means much, hope to make some new gems soon :)