What About A Renoise Facebook?


I just looked for Renoise on Facebook, couldn’t find a dedicated page! I just though… Well, “I’m friends,” with the software… Cause Renoise is alive and all. :panic:

Well, more alive when I am on enough x, but not so alive that I need a time out! So where is the Renoise Facebook page, or are we not doing that on account of being anti-establishment and all?

i dont like facebook

Not sure if anyone has set up a page, I don’t think they have, but there is a group that can easily be found via search.

Considering I’m the one that set up that facebook group and a few others on other sites, I could probably set up a facebook page… but I figure that would be better left to someone on the team so they could use it as a mailing list for important updates.

Facebook, Twitter, Hi5… all that sucks

Hating on social networking is too easy… it’s useful, and brings the entire planet together…what’s not to like!
I’m not sure of the reasons behind your boycott, but your just cutting off your nose…There’s a whole party online, jump in!

for Renoise, it is surely better being on Facebook that not being there; however, most Facebook users just want to look at hilarious videos, play with games applications and try to score with boys/girls, so we would get very little exposure anyway

I’ve crashed that party in the past, nowadays I’m happy I’ve left it… all that precious time wasted on baked air and nothingness, oh :o

Boycott facebook.
Its evil and it steals your soul.


/me adds another layer of tin foil to his hat.

Wow… you really don’t like your friends much, do you? :P

my friends like me as a misanthrope, that should suffice :P

I just folded and decided to create a Facebook fan page for Renoise, as pages have more capabilities than groups. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Renoise/355484266670

Spread the word!

That page gained 68 fans within about 20 mins :o

probably 67 of them never heard about Renoise and don’t give a fuck about it

it’s the thing i hate in this kind of social websites, no one cares about no one, they’re all there just to show how cool they are and so they add everyone as friend

the same thing happens at myspace, no one cares about other bands, they just want to use others comments to tell about new records or concerts. but even though myspace is a very cool place to know other musicians and it’s like a must have for any band. nowaways when you hear about a band you go to myspace to listen to their music. no band can avoid that.

sorry to say but the profile pic is kinda…ugly?

What’s the score, do they really like it? :rolleyes:

One of them is me, there’s also some other people from that other forum where you should be…

On a side note, I can now be a geek and talk about renoise while trying to pull girls…

Wait, are there girls on the internet?
And if so, do they use Renoise?


Current count is 112

you’re asking too much