What About A Renoise Facebook?

double dush :P

We’re up to 156 fans!

I’m on there.

Facebook is about 1 million percent better than Myspace.

that would be cool


We’re at 211

Why on earth would so many people fan Renoise so fast if they’d never heard of it? Your sense makes no logic.

I’m one of the fans too

How many members did the old renoise group have? I know I wouldn’t have become a fan of the new page if someone didn’t send out a mail to all members of the old group on fb

Heheh… I sent a message out to all 606 members of the old group. I shit you not… exactly 606 :P

Exactly 23 (Woo another magic number) less than the the group for the afore mentioned Finnish band of the same name.

Everybody now sing “I Am A Hex Lover” to this tune.

I joined up.

in what?

lol that’s exactly my point, because most social network users add everyone just to make number

but it’s possible that that is not happening with the Renoise facebook

Facebook is Evil.
Twitter is Ridicule.
Microsoft is Crap.
Atari Rulez Teh Amiga.
Ketchup is better than Mayonnaise.

I didn’t conduct any lengthy and thorough study on social networks users but from my own small experience, groups people usually join on Facebook are the “I fart twice when I get up in the morning” and “Peanut Butter on Toast is God” kind, rather than groups/pages about something they don’t care about and have probably never heard of.

Those who “want to make number” will try and add all their friends’ friends as friends because scoring a gazillion friends is cool.

That said, I don’t care about the way people use social networks as long as it doesn’t stop me from using those tools my way.

And I joined too, right after I got Byte’s message :)

In basically every aspect.

The key difference between Facebook and Myspace is that Facebook only provides access to things that 1: you get recommended by someone you know or 2: you seek out yourself. Myspace is a free-for-all.

at facebook, livejournal, hi5, twitter, etc… you have to comment every shit your “friends” say in order to exist, you have to say how amazing they are so in the end they say the same thing about you, but you’ll never be sure if they mean it when they say your music is good, it’s all a bit fake. no one cares about the truth online, only real friends in the real world, probably because they see your face and they know you and know that you have no bad intentions.

but my cynicism is for a majority not for everyone, it’s cool that Renoise is on facebook and other sites like that because it’s something so good that must be shared with everyone

yes, there’s some room in my heart for moments of peace, love, flowers and running naked in the meadows in slow motion

You can add these forums and MySpace in your list. And you can add real life people too. It all comes down to how much you trust the people you’re talking to, depending on the subject of the conversation. It’s got nothing to do with the tools themselves.

I wouldn’t ask my friends and family on Facebook what they think of my music. My family wouldn’t want to hurt me so they’d tell me it’s great. My ‘general’ friends would want to have fun and tell me bullsh*t just for the sake of it.

I would ask on Renoise’s groups and page, and expect constructive criticism. And I’d be prepared for harsh comments.
I would post privately to some ‘music aware’ friends and value their comments.

:w00t: [/center]

My! I’ve been quoted! :P