What about improving protrekkr?

Ffx or anyone interested in a trying that? It’s BSD licensed.

Whoever (Ffx? FSus4?) wants to participate maybe should point to their whishlist? Mine would probably be this, in respect to protrekkr:

  • rotateable tracker/pianotroll-combo

  • zoom

  • multisampler with disk streaming (RAM just as sort of cache)

  • staying VST-free (just offline sample grabbing) and doing a lot with the multisampler, using some new resampling lib, which might give nicer highs than the realtime algo in Renoise

  • better usabilty (some visual hints, because I didn’t know anything in Protrekkr)

  • buzz-like machines graph for better overview. This would also make side chaining easy but I usually don’t side chain I think

We could then make some priorities list, and then just start

No, sorry. This totally is not the direction, I am looking for. Though it seems to be a nice project. Did you check out SunVox?

No, but the machine graph in SunVox looks awful. :wink:

Didn’t mean anything like that, but I guess Protrekkr isn’t the best start anyway.

Guys, why don’t you contribute to Buzztrax instead? It’s far more alive than protrekkr:



Oh, didn’t know that project! Does it load old buzz songs and maybe also on Mac OSX? What about buzz plugins?

Kind of: Linux only, may load a few buzz songs if you’re lucky, but I wouldn’t consider it ready for daily use.

For the Buzz machines, a fair number of them have been open sourced and ported:


I remember reading also about a wrapper for the native Buzz machines, yet I cannot find back that page…

That’s nice, though what are the most quality fx/gens in there? So far found KickXP and M4Wii…

Personal favorites (that actually have no real equivalent elsewhere):