What Am I Doing Wrong?

I have installed mpglib.dll into renoise, but every mp3 I try to load it says “There was an error while decoding the mp3 file (Unknown MP3_ERR)!”

i get that alot too man, i think its something to do with certain encodings. dunno which ones it is but i think lame might be one of them.

probably it’s some problem with VBR encoding.

Use OGG instead, if you can

I hardly consider cubase sx to be a poor encoder. EDIT: Not that anyone was calling the programs I was using “poor”.

EDIT: I have a lot of mp3’s from various sources, and after I realized that the mp3’s a friend of mine who has Mac OS9.2 sent to me wouldn’t work, I tried loading all the mp3’s I have on my hard drive, with the same bad luck. This seems similar to when aif support was awful two years ago in renoise.

Can someone please name some programs that actually DO work for encoding mp3’s that renoise will be willing to load–for Windows and MacOS9?


BTW–EDIT: OGG is not supported in most players unless one downloads extra codecs to play them, therefore it is not a format I choose to use. WMP doesn’t seem to support it at all. If someone knows of a way to get WMP to support it, I might think about using OGG more…

OggDS is a DirectShow filter to be added to WMP for OGG encoding/decoding

Thanks, that worked very well.

(It’s unfortunate that Microsoft is so hell-bent on making sure they don’t support open source software–it’s interesting how they’ve recently decided that for their office 12 that they’ll build in PDF support but give bogus reasons for not supporting ODF…)

Still though–is this mp3 bug going to be fixed?

I can’t find the author’s page for mpglib.dll, just lots of places to download it. It was last modified in 2001, according to pages I’ve visited.

Are there any other versions of this library that might actually do the job correctly, or is this extremely limited mp3 support in Renoise going to be all-she-wrote?