What are you even doing on my w e b s i t e for offline practice and when I am dead

I am making my websites snapshot backup for when I am dead or mad or ill in 2000 years.
For now, it would require me to pay $5 per month for the .exe and .zip downloads to be enabled. (software, XM_EatMe_-_Break_Top.zip, ChordLord.xrnx)
Buuut all the pages and music downloads and plays and visuals are running regardless of this…

please test the backup and let me know what does not work yet!
I already know the presskit link is not working.

original site: http://eatme.pro
backup: http://ietmie.neocities.org for when I am no longer available…

I also need (infinite financing) of $5 per month.

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