What are your top Renoise tools?

So many tools have been vital for me in making music on renoise.

I’d have to say the following are ESSENTIAL to me:

Convert Instrument Number https://www.renoise.com/tools/convert-instrument-number
SimpleSlicer https://www.renoise.com/tools/simpleslicer or SampleSlicer https://www.renoise.com/tools/sample-slicer or Chop Sample https://www.renoise.com/tools/chop-sample
Easytune (nasty but quick - sometimes works) https://www.renoise.com/tools/easy-tune
MultiVolumes https://www.renoise.com/tools/multi-volumes
ZeroCrossings https://www.renoise.com/tools/zerocrossings
Copy Automation https://www.renoise.com/tools/copy-automation

I think there was one for randomisation of fx values, but I can’t find it! Anyone know?

Honorable mention:
Guru https://www.renoise.com/tools/guru

What do you use??



Current favorite:
…PADsynth Waveform Generator

Constantly use:
…Start Recording on Note Input
…Convert Instrument Number

Looking forward to using:
…RX Markers
…HW Sampler

  1. sononym tool
  2. SMC by Raul
  3. ChordLord

but, most of the time i do not use any tool, these are tools that caught my attention and were tried out couple of times…

@EatMe thank you for reminding me about the chord-lord, it’s a great tool!


I am going through phases where certain tools get used a lot for a project, then move on to others, but there are a few that get a lot of playtime. Some always in the background, automatically baked in to the Renoise workflow, like;

Automatically closing the diskop when opening a song file (https://github.com/bjorn-nesby/org.oscillity.MinimizeDiskOps) and auto-minimizing unused track dsps (https://www.renoise.com/tools/auto-maximize-selected-dsp-device).

Another pretty essential tool for me is the LPBx tool (https://github.com/mogue/renoise-pattern-zoom) which automatically expands all pattern lengths in a song by factor X and stretches the note events and pattern-command values accordingly. So once you’re happy with the main structure of your song you can use this tool to achieve a higher ‘resolution’ for even more intricate patterns.

But main tools always in the workflow mix are the CDP tool (https://www.renoise.com/tools/cdp-interface) for sample manipulation in the wave editor and automasher for generating automation shapes (https://www.renoise.com/tools/automasher).

For administration sake I also use the countnotes & organize instrument tools often. The first one to see which samples haven’t been used yet, and the other for ordering the instrument list, perhaps removing empty slots etcetera.

So many great tools out there, sure I’m forgetting something. Hope to be using the sononymph tool more often in the future.


My must haves are

  • group selected tracks (this should be native already, tool development seems to be discontinued and it messes up nested groups sometimes)
  • overtune (my all time favourite. This is just endless fun and really educational too :slight_smile: )
  • convert instr. number
  • samRender (my favourite raul tool)

and occasionally rubberband and padsynth

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I use the tool that converts a selection to MIDI a lot. Its invaluable for collaborations/sharing “notes” :stuck_out_tongue:

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This list is great! I’m gonna try out some of your suggestions, hoping others will see something they like too.

I remember one for changing lines per beat, so you could alter the LPB settings and it would move your notes accordingly… so you dont’ have to move every note one by one. Anyone know it?

EDIT! Its LPBX!!! Yes, nice one Djeroek!

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There was a good one for showing where an instrument is used in the track. I’m pretty sure someone wrote it when I asked if it was possible… that was really helpful for projects with loads going on.

Just one at the moment, but I love it ^^

Ledger’s Set Track Width To Active Columns

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Hey I found the tool Ledger wrote for me:

Its very useful for busy tracks.

I did an update for this tool that fixes the nested groups problems. The download is available further down in that thread here:

Definitely a handy one from Cas, I’ve not seen him around in quite a while though.


Cool ! thanks for sharing man

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SMC (Raul)
Piano Roll (Raul)
Duplex (Danoise)
Ledged scripts

Can you let me know the name of this I would love to use this as well

Probably referring to this tool https://www.renoise.com/tools/midi-convert-w-extended-export!

How tf are you people not using find and replace?
I usually wonder how it’s not part of the program

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Definitely “chop sample” and “convert instrument number”
sometimes i use “expand song” or “pattern resizer” and samRender
But that’s about it when i think about which ones i actually use i think (-:

  • GuttRoll
  • ChordGun
  • Always a free Instrument Slot
  • Chop Sample
  • Groove Control

I tried ChordLord but found that it’s TOO MANY chords – would rather have quicker access to the most useful ones without tripping over the obscure ones.

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