What Audio Interface To Buy?

[i]Dear people of the Renoise Community, I, again, need your incredible brain capacities.

I have had a few PCI soundcards but somehow I never got them to work propperly, I think the sockets on my mobo are broken or something.
Now I just sold my E-MU Tracker Pre audio interface because it couldn’t regulate the audio to my speakers (which was awefull for recording).

So now I’m looking for a new audio interface![/i]

So these are the demands:

  • Line AND Mic in.
  • Midi I/O
  • Volume knob for headphones AND monitors
    (- Firewire, does this actually make a diffrence?)

I’m running Vista 64-bit so that might be a problem for some interfaces.
I was thinking the presonus firestudio mobile but I’m looking for more options.

Thanks! :D

I just bought myself a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24. Awesome.