What configuration to start using renoise ?

Hi all,

I’ve learned about renoise on a speedcore forum, i’ve seen some amazing videos, then some tutorials on youtube.

Ok, i’d like to try, i have some time ahead to learn, and i want to have a dedicated machine to work with ( i don’t want to mess up my leisure with my work on a single computer)

I’ve read that renoise is available on windows, mac os and linux, but some vst plug in are only available on windows.

first for the os

Well, i would like to give linux a try, but i have to figure out :

  • what hardware should i get in order to have a soundcard well supported, with low latency and good sound quality on linux ?

  • what’s the best choice between a MAO oriented linux distro (ubuntu 64, 64 studio, musix) and a standard distro with mao software added.

  • Is 64 bit linux OS an advantage or a problem when it comes to MAO

  • How hard is it to use windows vst under linux in renoise ?

  • Is it possible to use renoise in a dual screen mode ?

thank you very much for this software that seems very powerfull, and the quality of this website ;)

Hi and welcome.

I’m not a speedcore musician so I don’t know how much VST plusing are important for the standard speedcore musician, anyway, apart from the lack of VST plugins (there are some VST’s for Linux, actually, but only a few - also check Discovery), the Linux version is perfectly working and stable.
I suggest you to get a standard M-Audio sound card and an ATI video card, a 32 bit distro with realtime kernel and you are set, quite right out of the box.

Using Windows VST under Linux using FST is not hard but it is not likely to work flawless

If you instead want to keep the Windows or Mac path, then you pretty every hardware setup is good; of course, what you really need depends on hoe many and which VST plugins do you use, since CPU and RAM usage can vary a lot.

Renoise supports dual monitors setup.

thank you very much for that quick and very accurate response :)

What would be the point of that? Wouldn’t you end up cutting one of you tracks in half by doing that? (ie. trk6 note/vol on screen one, trk6 pan/fx on screen two)

Unless you can put the sample editor (or one of those tabs) in one window and the pattern editor in the other?!!? Whoa, I might actually want to do that now. :)

I don’t have two monitors, but I know you can either divide the pattern in two (I suppose there is some sort of smart divider) or open the VST plugins into a monitor and Renoise in another.