What do 3.3 really needs…

Improve doofer with “chains/channels” like in Ableton effect rack able to automate each chain vol/pan and be able to crossfade between 2 chains . It can give more control over sound, you can make it richer much easier and make automatons faster. Also it can save space in the editor by not creating more track/send channels, loosing then in numerous send channels. In terms of organizing your work it would be amazing.

Pitch Envelope:
Enable/Disable button or checkbox for displaying value for points as semitones or as music notes like A4 etc. It would be very useful for creating kicks within the key note.

Scope with time setting like in s(m)exoscope plugin with detachable window.

Sampler waveform:
Add ability to work with phase of the waveform or sample like in serum.


3 things I’d like to see in a future release…

  • audio tracks
  • ability to remap ALL keys, including core ones
  • allow browsing vsts by existing directory structure

A single, always-on, globally exclusive shortcut for “Enable keyboard” in the VST window. Since then you wouldn’t have to use the mouse here.

Renoise 3.3 really needs a 3.4 speculation thread.

Save time, start it today?


Not sure if you are aware of this, but you can ungroup all your plugins and then regroup them into your own groups (sections). I have everything sorted just like you’re suggesting here. The only difference is really, that a plugin only appears in one group and it’s not possible to have them in multiple.

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i don’t know if someone suggested but i would love to have the pattern arranger detachable since pretty much when i’m writing i only use the main pattern view and the arranger on the side

i don t know if someones thinks the same ??

I still think Renoise needs a better Recordingfeature - Not just midi rec like now. I mean to record a sample while just daddling around and caputring that. This is now not really possible as yu first hit REC then start playing and also now count in - it would make more sense too be able to capure any kind of Asio played inside Renosie on the fly without a hassle.


That’s right, it should be easier to record sounds and deposit them in new samples with Sample Recorder window.

That is, play any sound with your MIDI device (any instrument or sample) and make it possible to record it on the fly inside a new sample (one after the other).



Thats what I ment - I was daddling around with the DJLooper Doofer - Just random stuff Melodies. Those where some good ones in there but I couldnt catch them inside Renoise & thats Stupid and not possible in 3.2 - The starts of the sequence/daddling gets cut off in the now system works.

I did someexperiments with even longer loopperzz in Doofers, like 10-20 sek long - that was preytty awesome to. As Renoise only has like 5 secs for Looping. I have made some new Lopperz & Dooferz BUT I cannot upload them since I’m still “SemiBANNED” because of the weird Dutch Dood - So vielen dank nochmal dafür Du Assi!!

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@Raul I hav the same setup & when trigerin via Midi that works but with Audio to capture it - this would need something like a Thresholdstart for example But right you somehow cannot just start an Audio - Sample Recoring and then capture the Audio inside Renoise. I might be doing some fault I do not know that & YES I did read the Manual.:smile:

The matter really is in the input device. In particular, I cannot change it from Renoise. I must do it from Windows. That’s annoying.
It is possible to set the input device to “what is heard”, and it will be played in the Sample Recorder.
But this should be possible to do directly, from Renoise .

Sample Recorder with “what is heard” in device (from Windows sound panel):

From Renoise (fail window):
Why does this happen? I use a Sound Blaster ZxR. It is as if Renoise and Windows could not coordinate to be able to change devices together.

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A simple, but workflow wise very good feature, custom default presets for all effect and instrument devices (vsti, vstfx, too) would be nice:


It will be good to add modulators and carrier in meta device for fm sound effects and design.


The ability to map frequencies of effects to notes directly. Like maybe a checkbox for “use notes” or “use numbers” for any parameter that is basically just controlling frequency. So, like, the Filter effects could have a checkbox to turn the cutoff parameter from frequency to note, or, the RingMod effect could have a checkbox to turn the note parameter to frequency from note.

I would also love to see the Send channels able to send to themselves for feedback. I use that in Ableton Live to create delays where the feedback of the delay is set by the send amount to itself. This is useful for having effects in the feedback path like a dub delay. I understand the limitation in most of the rest of the program to only be able to “send forward,” but for the Send channels alone, this would be useful. Maybe have the #Send effect on Send channels allow to send to themselves with a delay amount.

A formula matrix that is 16 x 16, mix and match 16 sources and control 16 params :slight_smile:

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I thought about having a parallel container. In combination with the meta devices, you could do fancy things, for example splitting the transient phase of the sustain phase into two different fx lanes, using the signal follower.

The Renoise signal follower actually is a lot superior over the Bitwig’s one, so there are a lot more possibilities.


Internal audio recording, and I don’t mean rendering to sample. I sometimes like to turn fx dials at random in real time to create glitch sounds and currently I have to re-route my computers audio using third party software into Audacity to record myself doing that. Having a way of internally recording in Renoise, like in Ableton, would be so much handier.

But why not automizing your parameters?

Because automating parameters takes time and is less intuitive for fast workflow/sound creation. It’s good for when you have a definite sound you want to achieve and you know how to achieve it, or for when you find a cool setting from experimenting and then you want that sound to vary over time. You simply dial in the automation and you’re done. Randomised LFO’s work good for creation to but aren’t 100% controllable. You might dial in randomised LFO set the track to run, find a cool sound, of FX, and have it disappear seconds later when the LFO jumps to the next random parameter.

By having internal recording you tweak at whatever pace you like, you could for instant put on a delay effect, dial in a setting, tweek it, let it run for a minute, try add a phaser, tweak that, maybe the phaser doesn’t sound good so you swap it for chorus, and so on. You can keep stacking, mixing and matching effects in whatever order you like at whatever pace you feel like, giving you all the time you need to sculpt sounds without having to be afraid of losing the sound creation results of previous fx settings and parameter as you go. You can save parameters settings and fx chains as you experiment while in real time all the audio from the session is recorded to one sample for later use. You simply then cut out the portions of the recording you want and discard the unwanted.

Here’s an example of the workflow in action where Mr. Bill uses it to jump between presets to create glitched up sounds and vocals at 11:25

With @Raul’s SMC Tool… I’m nearing the end of requests. Seriously, if any of you want even more sample control, and you haven’t gotten that tool, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I bought it. It’s worth it. I can do almost all of the sample manipulation that I want to. It opens up the automation of the Sampler to provide a bunch of LFO, automation, MIDI control, etc. This is Max/MSP-esque stuff IN Renoise.

Here’s an example from me:

One major request, and I’m sure it’s been said before. Please allow the Sampler to play back the sample from any point besides the actual beginning of the sample? Please, please, please :slight_smile:

When using the SMC Tool, the sample has to always start from the beginning, no matter what. Sample zero. While that isn’t annoying in the least, it does limit the SMC Tool. If the actual start point of the sample could be from any value, it would provide a greater amount of randomness within the tool.

Other additions I’ve mentioned before - real-time FM sample modulation, real-time FM LFO speeds, greater time-stretch functionality (allow user to choose algorithm and strength). I have to say it again and again and again. Renoise is sooooooooo close to actual Max/MSP / Pure Data / Supercollider territory. I’m making most of the sounds I’d like to make. The music I’m pulling from this sequencer is on par with so many abstract styles of electronic music. I can now do most of the things that I hear from these devices:



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Didn’t know this tool existed. Looks pretty cool, gonna have to check this out.

Also +1 for FM sample modulation, and FM Lfo speeds.

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