what do u say about footwork / juke?


this one is gold

“cruising with his hot playmate / in his Porsche 98”

Good finds, everyone.

Yeah, footwork rocks. Lately, i’ve been listening to mostly guys that are influenced by footwork a lot like Addison Groove(with his modified 808) and Ital Tek. I’m not really into pure styles, I like crossovers.There’s a lot of good music in this “post-dubstep” (had to say it…) phase. Guys like FaltyDL and Ital Tek too. It’s all good. Mixing footwork and future garage, why not? Rhythm is rhythm, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. But I have to say though, even as a canadian, the brits always came up with tasty stuff throughout the history of electronic music.

I am going to try some footwork jungle. Wish me a lot of joy. \o/ Collaboration is in progress

I don’t really like it and I don’t believe it has the future. I think the genre will die very soon

Are you trolling?
Believing in the future… bwahaha… we are all doomed. I am doing this, because I am having a lot of fun while listening and playing this.