What Do We Have Here?

I think I’ve spent enough time with this now. On to learn something new.
Some distorted drums, a bit of jazzy guitar and an utterly stupid end lead.

SG-1 are my heroes.

Bad Plan featuring Jack O’Neill

Ah, and I’ll toss in what little I could manage in last nights ROHC.

Don’t count

Thanks for the XRNS-PHP!

Spot something I should be aware of, and/or consentrate on? Please let me know.

first one’s pretty sweet. heavy as.
felt a bit repetitive but yeah… i don’t have a clue.

second one was naturally a bit rough but felt nice and laid back.
i like the time sig changes too.

Thanks, patto. :)

Learning as I go. Planning on dropping my vsts and using Renoise as a synth. Just have to learn how to cut a sample into one wavelength, and get more familiar with the envelopes and stuff.