What do you like

Check them out at:

mixed quality… But did anyone of you find an interesting picture?


some of these are really neat :D

it’s the weird/creative ones that i like. :)


Looks just like one of the cages from Despiser.

The one I like the best is the wierd one…
No but seriously, nice!

I really liked the estethics of number 2, 14 & 19, number 4 & 22 made me laugh… :)

Lots of good work, think 14 & 22 were my favs, tho lots of others were good too, tho one thing you should notice is that when you see professional prints anywhere, you don’t see big framework on the letters (or alien software plugins either…), they are more clean much like the renoise-logo on top. Think that could add a nice touch to your artwork. Man, it’s years since I did anything on photoshop… :) Maybe I should post my 1997-2000 artworks online too… hehe