What Do You Smoke?

If you don’t smoke at all, choose “Nothing”
If you smoke cigarettes even infrequently (a few times a year+) choose “Cigarettes”
If you smoke marijuana even infrequently (a few times a year+) choose “Marijuana”
If you smoke crack/cocaine infrequently (a few times a year+) choose “Crack/Cocaine/Heroine/etc.”

Think of the scale as a spectrum representing deviation from the status quo. how far do you deviate in your behavior?

Where is “I smoke pipe”?

I even quit smoking cigarettes to support the habit.
I buy by the oz.
Don’t smoke till after work.

Smoking is for fucking retards!! :)

I don’t smoke cig’s… Only MJ…
Ehh… Estonians&Co ;)

I’m a fucking retard :(

we’re in this together ptrance :(

chron all the way.
occasional cigs, but very rarely.

Nothing here

I normally dont smoke at all, but when I am drinking, its a nice effect when you dont used to it. There is no good thing like a tobacco flash XD.
And sometimes there is some green in it, which takes the whole drink and smoke situation to a higher level.

BUT I do it rarely, so dont bother ;D

homegrown herb.

I don’t smoke; too scared of matchsticks.
Just sniff that greenish goo some creatures leave on my windowpanes after each meteor shower.

I’ve been on and off with cigarettes for a long time, I am currently on once again. But I smoke weed more so I went with that.

By the way, my name’s Steve. I just finally bought the full version of renoise and decided to get registered here. Figured this looked like a nice topic to get myself started in.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to meeting you guys and finally being able to share my music with everyone.

See ya.

I don’t smoke… haven’t smoked tobacco for 4 years… haven’t toked for 9

Haven’t had a cigarette since june 15 this year.

Since then, for what I would have smoked, I could have bought ReNoise three times over, every month. As I’ve been smoking on a regular basis since at least 2000, it is mindboggling how much I’ve spent.

as expected, the vote confirms … ganja goes down well with music. ;)

well, maybe a trigger to get your inner spice to work,
but the next day I always had some wrongly entered notes.

I don’t do weed at all the last years, but there where times when I did every day.
Some (for me) solid tunes came out of that time.
but I think (for me) it had more to do with the amount of spare time rather than the weed consumption.

I don’t use it that way again, but I’m not saying that I don’t use it ever again.

yea, … next day, the whole song was off-key. :wacko:

this is the greatest thing i have seen in a while.

Me and my girlfriend both quit together a few weeks ago. Feeling much less clogged up, is hard to stop though!