What Do You Think Is Going On In This?


can’t get this embed linked right, but the link above works.

I was working today tracking this, I got the beat fine, and I almost have the ‘sound’ right but it makes me think I’m trying to reverse engineer an algorithm.
I can’t seem to get the timing right, I tried some different groove settings and that is getting close.

I’ll upload the xrns in a sec after I remove the mp3 above from it.

Here is what I have so far.


I’ve been trying to find this tune since a couple years so I decided yesterday to try to make it.

I possibly need to layer the saw with a sine under it.

The timing is really the main thing happening in it I don’t really get.

hi choice :)

its very simple! just set 2700 each 16 step to retrigger the lfo. the timing problem happens because you use odd values on the lfo speed, so a reset helps to get it back in time. and dont forget to delete the 77xx fx :)


edit: try to make your tune in 286 bpm then you need no odd values on the lfo.

Cool! Hi kasmo :D

I didn’t even think to reset the 1st lfo each time, that makes sense!

going to try all of this!

I threw that 2nd filter and 3rd LFO ramping down in there because it kinda sounds like the whole of it is being worked out.
Going work on it!


uploaded another version.
this one is much closer musically I think, but I changed it around quite a bit.
A few ways to make it change dynamics, mainly the filter3 (1) and next to it the LFO type setting for it. Both at the end of the chain, both of those make it change quite a lot. 2 paterns, 1 (0) main and 2 (1) for emotional movement. Just turning dsps on and off and changing lfo types, is fun. :)