What do you think of my first track?

Here is the link.


Interesting. The central change of pace is definitely a surprise, but it makes the whole track’s context ambiguous. It’s not like a conventional breakdown, to my ear. It all sounds smooth enough, but the midway change does seem inconsistent with the overall club-dance-rave sort of vibe. Was that intentional?

great job Joule… I played it when I was washing dishes and cleaning(I do that to all electronic music… I did it with Deadmau5 last week ).

I like trance even though i’m not familiar enough about the genre… But your track has a nice vibe(atmospher)… I would increase the bass up more though, 2db? but maybe it was my monitors.

Don’t like the nick :stuck_out_tongue:

You could replace “https://” in link by “http://” to make soundcloud widget embed in your post.

Is it your first track ever? I guess it’s your first Renoise track and you have some experience in other daws or instruments.

Anyway, it’s pretty good.