What Do You Think?

Hello! I would love to hear some brutally honest opinions about some songs I’ve been working on. I never post my music online, so I have absolutely no idea what other people think of it, or if it is any good at all… ;) I plan to write some lyrics in the future, so all songs are basically still works in progress :P I’ve been doing this for many years, but I still feel like a complete newbie. Please let me know what you think! :)

After Life

Nowhere Near

Permanently Temporary

haven’t finished this one

Good stuff Man! you dont sound like a noob at all!

Sounds awesome to me man! Keep it up!

Thank you guys! ;)

Sounds very good. I really like it.

nice dude , got some post-rock downtempo feel to those tracks… Permanently Temporary could easliy be on ninja tune compilation :)
spread more of your stuff and im sure you’ll get the attention you deserve

Sounds amazing. Lovely atmospheric chillout lounge/downbeat music. I like the guitars on Nowhere Near - did you play those parts?

Afterlife reminds me a lot of the cinematic ambient breakbeat sounds of Hybrid, which is a good thing. :walkman:

Very much enjoyed.