What Do You Tnink About Production Quality

Hi there.

I think I finally managed to get good quality of the song directly from Renoise? I dont have quality amplifiers here so I cant be sure, but I worked hard to get all equalised & compressed to sound ok.

Here is download link of a song that is ~95% finished. It is dark electronic techno demo that plays ~10 minutes for now [I plan to release a one hour “mix” with 7-8 finished songs] and movie voices I found on some old vynils [horror stories from `60s…]:

(8.955kb, 145bpm; 128kbit; dark electro…)

Or if link can`t display in full lenght. here is a shorter link:


Let me know what do you think of the song quality? Will it be ok for releasing? The 96khz mp3 file of original wave you hear is loud enough thanx to Waves L2 compressor & Waves Equalizers [two of them] I put on Renoise master page. If you have some other good ideas or tricks how to produce good output sound [this is my first postproduction ever], plz let me know =]

All best,

I think the sound quality is pretty nice…I wish my songs would sound has good. :)

cool sounds… nice drive, perfect buildup.

things i would change (personal taste mostly !!)

  • more crispier hats, overall i like in dance music and specially in psy music to have it lots of high frequenties.
  • sometimes the kick and bass are fighting for room
  • more stereo effects/panning/placing it feels pretty dead center to me.
  • add some more (elektro) percussions to make more complex beat during the song.
  • you fx sounds could use some more delay/reverb so they feel more huge. (fits the genre)
  • i think overall you have lost some dynamics in the mix.

keep rocking it’s way better than most psy tunes i hear.


Thanx for your comments. I just reuploaded the file again [it is encoded now in 128kbps, slightly better than 96kbps] and fixed some violins discharmonic I didn`t hear at first [forgot to cutt a note] + add reverse sample reverb in the middle to expand melody a bit.

I tired to create something I didnt hear anywhere so I decided to put horror story and not so psy-like sounds. My basic idea was to do some kind of of mix between minimal, dark trance and psytrance. (: Agree with you about stereo samples. Ill expand it. And tnx for more percussion, agree here completely. I`ll add them too.

All best :)

Nice work!.. I really liked some tunes in that song.
And the quality is way better than my music…

Do you mind sharing the xrns-file?

Keep up the good work!.


Currently I could only share the song[s] via Rapidshare as it is ~50mb. When I finish the stuff & release it, I`ll spread .xrns files [for eventual remixing or so]. And sound quality I finally managed to get using only three VST sfx: Waves 8EQ [x2] and Waves L2 compressor. And peaks on each track are going up to 99% but have no clipping. Pretty hard to get but very interesting :)

That’s dead nice! I agree that the tops should be put up a bit, but that could be down to the 128k mp3 encoding. I assume you’ve worked on the placement of sounds now, as it seems pretty well spread to me.

Love the acid line at the end too, proper stompa!

Really awesome, Nick!

Great production as always, how you managed to get this straight from Renoise sounding like that is a mystery to me, sounds like you’ve dragged it through some heavy mastering!

Would be awesome to see the XRNS file for sure.

Oh, one more thing; how’d you manage to get all the channels to 99 without clipping?

Great work Renoiser!

Thank you :) I finished a song last night & uploaded it to myspace.com
Plz hear it now, it is on www.myspace.com/djnykk
That song auto-plays first when enter the site. Now quality is ~30% better. Last version I put for download had a lots of bass & less tops. Now its quality is hopefully much better :)

I`m glad you like it (: I think last night when I finished the song, I got even better sound. It is put here, so you can hear it fully (: