What do you want for christmas?

I want an electric piano, which i could have bought a million times back when i was like… nah, not just yet… but they cost too much now. A real piano is cheaper, now! Go figure…


I want a soundproof room for xmas! Ain’t gonna happen. sigh

LFO for Christmas #1

a big fat kick in my butt, so I can finally start finishing up the crazy pile of 90% done songs.

and a PS4.

might be a bad combo.

A better job.

Oh, and a Virus TI2. Or maybe a Voyager. Or a Slim Phatty. Or a Pulse 2. Or an MS-20. Bitwig would be cool, too. Waves Mercury. EWQL Platinum. A new yo-yo. A pony.

And a lollipop.

To pass my microsoft server 2012 exam so I can keep my new job.

all i want for christmas is you