What Does Everyone Use As Monitors?

Behringer TRUTH B2031’s Here…

And Delta 1010Lt soundcard with “Bass management feature” turned on, to divide the signal to a 1x Radiotehnika S-90 that’s been this way converted to run as an LFE.

radiotehnika s-90? hehe :) popular oldskool “boombox” here in estonia

yeah :):slight_smile: Really good speakers imho… :) …makes a really good LFE too with some crossovering :D

Alesis M1Active 620

Alesis M1 active MK2s

KRK rokit 8s. They are real nice .The rokit 5s with rp10 subwoofer are here http://www.novamusik.com/search.aspx?click…amp;keyword=234 for real low price. I wish I held off buying the rokit 8s cos the rp 10 subwoofer would bring unreal bass. For your budget you can get the best nearields, Id recommend something from ADAM.

no sh*t! I’ve had no inspiration for quite some time now (2 years?) :rolleyes:

big up the Tapco monitors crew!

HR-824’s + M-Audio sub.

Bass traps have helped a touch but headphones can be useful for playing around with seriously low frequencies if you don’t have a ‘pro’ studio which is treated - we can all dream :(

I hate mixing on headphones though, monitors all the way. I’ve made stuff using my headphones in the past only to find that it sounds like shit through my speakers.

ooh, snap! :)

they’re definitely one of the best purchases i’ve ever made - i wish i’d gotten them earlier cos they’ve allowed a huge improvement in the quality of my mixes.

it was a pretty harrowing experience the first time i listened to my own stuff on them cos it showed up all the faults in my mixes which i’d previously been happy with… :o :unsure:

from what i understand you should not over do it. it is always good to keep a pair of ‘shittier’ speakers to get an idea of how they will sound when people actually listen to your work.
this is advice i’ve gotten from students in my schools music dept.
does anyone feel this?

I’ll quote Rich The Teakmaster on this one:

The truth is that if your music is successful, people will listen to it in the car, on boom boxes, on their walkman, on mom’s kitchen radio with the 3 inch speaker, in living rooms with surround systems, in listening booths a cd stores, on TV, and every once in a while, maybe 1 out of every 100 listens, someone will hear it on good speakers, and maybe, if you are lucky 1 out of 1000 on studio monitors. The real truth is in the understanding of how your mix on your monitors translates to other listening conditions. That is, you have to really “know” your monitors. The main thing is to get a set you are comfortable with, that you can listen to all day. Your ears will actually “learn” the monitor. As you check you mix on other systems, you will learn about your systems deficiencies and compensate. The truth is not a quality of the object, but a quality of ear, mind and experience. “It’s in your head”.

I totally agree with this!

I use Dali Concept 6 Hi-Fi speakers and a Sennheiser HD 595 headphone for monitoring, I also try to listen to my music on a lot of different speaker systems… :)