What does it take to get banned?

It’s just your (wrong) assumption that I do that. I argument that demanding ban for user and writing things like “or I leave this forum” is not right.

Not really. Look yourself and quote me when I saw that being rude is great.

If he starts this topic especially to force ban some user, then what should I think? That he is a nice person who use only power of arguments?

Maybe stop guessing what I did or didn’t mean, because apparently you failing.

People should defend others from being attacked. History teaches us that.

Cheers. And please, do not try to imply what I said or what I thought.

Or maybe next time we’ll talk without quotes, using full sentences. I know it’s easier this way, but we should still talk and not review someone else’s post.

my last reply since you continue to write nonsense… (freedom of speech, remember)

if you do not know the whole story - how can you claim if someone is being attacked or not? or defend someone that might did harm previously? so you see only the ‘react attack’ and defend the bad party here?

-or claim anything in that sense?

i think the best way is to help them settle this down, not escalate it and choose between team A and team B…

You’re right there - I don’t know. I only saw last post of EatMe and reaction to it.
And based on that - reaction was unproportional huge. But after all - I don’t know what EatMe wrote before. But I think its still too much to ask moderators to ban anyone that way.

sorry i cannot resist

what about freedom speech? is it too much now? :smiley:

and how can you claim that reaction is huge if you do not the initial action that caused the reaction? again you make assumptions based on -WHAT exactly? :slight_smile:

I never say that OP can’t wrote his post with ban request. He CAN, but he shouldn’t. Still freedom of speech, right? His opinion, my opinion, everyone else’s opinion etc.

If someone starts a topic in which they demand a ban, it’s not my job to look for evidence, it’s the OP’s job to present that very bad posts of EatMe and prove that he deserves ban.

Nobody has to be banned, nothing happened. There’s just a random guy who’s calling other people’s work awful (yes, I saw that), not being music or he’s calling the general public a troll group, which means everybody is a troll, even if EatMe doesn’t know anybody. So what? This can’t be taken seriously. :wink:

But there are a few words I have to say to EatMe, because he said that shortly after my post:

Who is “they”? I never talked to you before.

You mean everbody who’s posting is a troll, if he doesn’t have exactly your opinion and your personal understanding of music?

Says who?

Good for you. What have you achieved because of your 24 years of studying music? Being short on money? Impressive. And who needs 24 years to study, regardless of the topic? And by the way, you don’t need to study to create great music, because music is about feelings and not about some music theories. Look around! Most succesful musicians have studied shit. Why? Because they’re interested, have talent and, most importantly, a feeling for music. It’s about feelings. Period. No theories needed. Just one rule: If it sounds good, it sounds good. That’s it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice post and very nice arguments. And that I can understand - facts and logical answer. And at last - examples.

the ‘facts/examples’ are from the post you were participating in actively… what an ignorance :smiley:

Please stop! This is separate thread and, what is more important, if OP wants admin to ban anyone, then he must present proofs, not just saying “please read whole topic with over 1300 posts and you’ll find evidences”.

Or maybe let this forum accept only very polite people who never argues. But hey, then we all will be banned, right?

And guys - you’re surprised that I defend someone on this forum not being a party in the dispute. But you’re doing the same thing, just choosing OP’s side and not trying to understand different point of view than yours. it Is not difficult to support the stronger in the dispute. What I see here is “everyone vs EatMe”. And that’s why I’m against.

i even wrote you personally 4 hours ago what you falsely claim now…

you are the one who is ‘choosing side’, apart from claiming the opposite

let go the fact that you are defending a person whose actions you do not even know about… (be it positive or negative - this is not my point)

But I read your private message, I understand your arguments and I no longer talking about defending EatMe. This discussion is now about forum I think and rules in general. You may have right and maybe EatMe is really bad person (I have not that personal experience), but we should discuss and trying to understand each others isntead of fighting and requesting bans.

After all, what I read, whole problem is that EatMe says something wrong about other people music. So what? If you want, you can call my music crap, amateur and whatever you want. It will be your opinion and maybe, if you tell something more about it, I’ll learn something. We’re not kids to be offended by someone else’s opinion about music (I think). For every person who don’t like someone else’s music you can probably find someone who loves it. Not a big deal imo.

Personal attacks - this is bad, right.

see, i never said that EatMe is a bad person at all…

i have to make comparison from the original post (since you are mixing up direct insults with opinions)

eatme says xyz is bad music, we get over it
you say xyz is bad music, we got over it as well
eatme insults directly - that is not okay

you are free to read that discussion anytime if you have doubts in the chronological order or what has been done there…

what have i learned from this subject - i should’ve stayed away from it

I agree, but I also trying to understand what EatMe wrote.

And well, not so polite, right? Or just maybe his language skills are not that great like yours. He may be using simple emotional language to express his opinion, and that may not be appropriate, but still people who uses less emotions and more logic, should understand what he means.

He may wrote something like that:
“Other people here post something I totally disagree and if you’re comment it, they start attacking you. This happened to me, my posts was deleted, so I’m warning you - be careful, it’s not discussion frendly forum”.

Is this polite enough? It’s basically the same if you read it without emotions.

And after many posts on this topic (where I don’t offend anyone and trying to be as polite as I can) I start thinking that EatMe is not some crazy person who doesn’t know what he is talking.

And one more - this starts (for me) after I put my comment into wrong topic. After two posts I was agree that you’re right and that topic was about sharing music - my fault, apologize etc.
Then what happens? Another comments appears and flamewars begins. Why? For what? And then whole topic about EatMe and ban - and it continues even if OP says that he no longer demands ban and just flag him. For what? For sure not because people are so polite here, because this topic was imo closed.

We should ask for delete whole topic (OP in fact can do that) and delete offtopic from that second one and start to be more friendly. IMO.

Some time ago In the same topic EatMe replied sarcasticly/rudely to a person and a kindly asked him to be more polite and respect other people.He did not apologize but I let it go.This time around he comes back saying they post shit,that my friend is a direct insult to every person that posted his music in that topic I created so I took action.Now I dont know you but you are really trying to twist things around and make this my fault so either you are trolling or you and EatMe are connected.One or another I am tired so I will just ignore you from now on

No, we’re not connected. Why? That don’t even have a sense. I never said that you and people who have the same opinion about EatMe are connected (are you?). :slight_smile:

It would be easier if he was my friend - then I may say that you attacking my friend and everything will be easier.

And sure - probably if I knew his previous posts I would have ignored the whole situation.

So as I said - solution is simply - lets stop arguing and focus on music. And I’ll stay ontopic.

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Good god, this is a Tracker forum. Let it go.


Stars must be misaligned :upside_down_face:

Seeing similar friction in several forums.


If you post a new topic “Renoise is the worst piece of software ever created, Taktik is an ass and fuck everyone on this god forsaken forum” then you paste in a picture of “goatse” and a large “fuck you finger” smiley, then you print out your license and loads a huge dump on it it and post the picture of it as a final touch.

Then you might get banned. :joy:


in answer to your questions:

Who is they?

  • No need to start namedropping, all my posts and their posts got deleted

You mean everybody posting is a troll?

  • For gods sake, no, they post (even the worse) and start trolling you with questions then.

Says who?

  • Well, what does being nominated for a Grammy mean these days?

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