What genre?

I’m just curious to see what type of music people create.

I’d have to say my style is similar to Boards of Canada, Múm, Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, and Aphex Twin meshed into one.

mainly a mix of progressive rock, ambient and dark with some contemporary influences; someone just call this “gothic”… don’t know.

other songs of mine are electronic experiments.

by the way, you should check
Songs Page for an analytic answer to this question :rolleyes:

my style changes too much to pin it down. :P

a lot of people call the stuff i did around 2000-2002 ‘industrial’ or ‘dark ambient’, even though mostly it isn’t what i consider ambient, nor does it use samples i consider to be industrial*.

but it always seems to have at least SOME trace of videogame music… which all depends on whether you think videogame music has a specific sound, which i don’t think it does. :ph34r:

*“i dont know any industrial music. i thought i did, then i learned that’s not what industrial is”
“well, that’s strange, because it’s what you make”
" <_<"

I’m an old techno/trance fan so that’s part of my music although I don’t listen to it very much today. Most of my songs are or contains influences of synth/EBM. And I like harmonic, spritual music as well. …and I guess I’ll never get away from my old Protracking days, so my music still has a small piece of oldschool mods feeling :)

Translated to artists I guess it would be a mix of DJ Tiesto, Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Enigma, Deep Forest and Lizardking. :) But it differs quite a bit from song to song…

angry swedish techno :angry:

a mixture of rock/pop and darkwave combined with poetic german vocals … but also instrumental stuff - cinema-like (some intro’s for blackmetal bands … and so on)

whenever i get asked about what kind of music i create, my answer is most commonly “everything being electronic, ranging from ~70-180BPM”.

Dutch Hardtrance, trance :D :D


I also produce many different styles. I had gotten very industrial in the mid 90s, but most of my attention is focused on drum n bass. Well, I say that now. I just worked on a track today called “Weeble Wooble” which has a piano, no trace of a drum n bass beat, almost housey, I dont know how to describe it. Take a listen at http://trepain.da.ru and tell me…

Typically anything that sounds dark is what to expect from my music. Most of it anyways…

I havent produced in about three years. Renoise helped to rekindle something I have lost. Every time I sit down I find myself starting on something new. okay, enough with the tangent.