What Happened To Amiga Music Preservation?

Does anyone know what happened to Amiga music preservation?


strange… It worked a couple of days ago. I sure hope it’d only temporarely down. :o

Huh! I see that My Handle “Skeletor” is there.
But I just to fight with this dude about who came first, me or him.
So I changed mine to “Skeletoor” eventually.
No modules there I see by me, not surprised really.
I think I started tracking in -87 or -88.

But I gather that any modules made by me is impossible to prove was made by me by now :unsure:

Anyone else here that had a nick/handle from those days?

Ill take “skeletoor” and raise you one “silverstance” :D

I drunno - works correctly here…Perhaps they had some problems with the server?