What Happened To Ctgmusic.com?

In fact the whole site seems to be dissapeared this morning!

Any ctg’er with some usefull information on that?

hmm. maybe that was just a temporary issue?
works perfectly well for me - all fine.

kcirr3d, when you use renoise for breakbeats do breakbeat do you use the sample offset (09XX) codes a lot? Lately I’ve been playing around with triphop and have been just using 09xx to play certain things, is this the most efficient way? or do I really need to invest in a beatslicer like other people talk about for breakbeats?

In renoise (09XX) is easyest and quickest imho. Depends on what kind of sample(loop) you’ll use it on and if it is a clear beat (not too busy). I’d recommend to use it on a hiphopbeatloop. because of the simple layout. later on you can fill the rhytm up with other ‘one hit’ samples like cymbal crashes and stuff.

I use that fx a lot, if i use a beatsample. But than I prefer dubbing i[/i] the 09XX’ed beat afterwards with ‘one hit’ samples with seperate tracks for hihats, kicks, and snare. This way you’ll have more control over note cut offs, eq, fills, etc.

So the codes are the quickest way to design your broken beat. But you wont have much controll over each particular drumthingy (hihats, cymbals, kicks)

I guess it’s temporary… It worked ok again for a few hours. And now again explorer cant find the server ? weird

Yeah, seems to haven been off, on, and now off again during the past couple of hours. Should be just a temporary issue.

Awesome! Thank you for your help and sharing your music on the internet.
:walkman: :yeah: