What happened to the mailing list??

I have been absent for a long time! Last on the forums when 3.0 was still well within its beta stage! But most of the last two years has been spent travelling various parts of the world often with poor internet connection (and I have to admit I haven’t done any music in that time as well! :frowning: )

But one thing that did come to my attention. I never received the usual email when 3.0 went Gold and got an official release! I always used to, I still have a valid licence for Renoise and I have never requested to stop receiving emails from the site. Yes I check my Junk folder pretty regularly and I am 90%+ sure it never arrived in there and got deleted. Especially as it seems Redux has just been released (seen friends talking about it on Facebook) and I never received an email announcing that either!

So does the mail list still exist? Any reason I am not receiving them?

And an unrelated note: Why can I not use the Firefox spellchecker when creating posts on this forum now?

I got an announcement mail about Redux a few days after it was out.Maybe from signing up for Redux notifications.