What Happened To Tutorials.renoise.com?

Anyone know what’s up with the tutorials.renoise.com site? It seems it’s entry from renoise.com’s DNS servers has been removed. I’m a little bummed, I decided to finally check this software out last week, and was amazed at the first couple tutorials, but when I went to click on the next one, I could not.

According to the WHOIS information for renoise.com, these are it’s DNS servers:

 Domain servers in listed order:  

However, when I go to query these DNS servers, it doesn’t show an entry for tutorials.renoise.com:

% nslookup   
> server ns1.sistrix.de  
Default server: ns1.sistrix.de  
> tutorials.renoise.com  
Server: ns1.sistrix.de  
** server can't find tutorials.renoise.com: NXDOMAIN  
> server ns2.sistrix.de  
Default server: ns2.sistrix.de  
> tutorials.renoise.com  
Server: ns2.sistrix.de  
** server can't find tutorials.renoise.com: NXDOMAIN  

I’ve been able to use the Google Cache to read them, and was able to find mirrors for the video tutorial through the Google Cache, but some of them are a bit difficult to follow without the accompanying images.

Could someone please point me to a mirror of the tutorials, or if they happen to know the old IP address for tutorials.renoise.com, let me know what that is? I’m guessing that it’s a momentary problem with the DNS servers, but since the tutorials site hasn’t been resolving for almost 3 hours now, I’m unsure if it’ll get fixed within my personal time frame (I had allocated this Sunday afternoon towards getting through the tutorials…)


Perhaps some maintenance?

we have been transfering the domain to a new registrar this weekend. all problems should disappear in the next 24 hours.

for the unpatient: you can still modify your hosts table which is usualy located in a place like c:\window\ssystem32\drivers\etc\hosts

just add the following linehere tutorials.renoise.com


Hey, thanks so much! Sorry to be so impatient, I just have a rather inflexible schedule to devote to these sorts of things…