what has happen to www.renoise.com

??? It has been down for about 24h ny now?

i’ve recognized this too … yesterday sometimes and the whole night …

Yeah, i know!

I check in here like at least 5 times a day, being the renoise-addict as I am…

Anywho, glad to see it’s up again :rolleyes:

~Dufey (Eating a muffin)

Yes! It truly seems like the forum servers are down from time to time… the rest of the site is working quite normally to me… It’s just the forum’s page that keeps vanishing from time to time… <_<

It seems to be back now anyhow ;)

no … it’s not the forum … can’t access www.renoise.com sometimes … the forum is located there: [this-link-is-no-more-valid](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid )