What Is Energyxte?

Hi guys, a lot of you seem to reccomend energyXTE all the time but I’, a bit baffled to what it is an what it lets you do.

Can you give me a basic description please.


It’s a synth, sequencer and a plug-in host with pdc which can operate as a vsti.
49 bucks is a smart price for that, although I´m still too stupid for it. It´s probably meant more for academics.

If you are into german try this:


or check

Main Site: http://www.xt-hq.com/
Tutorial Site: http://www.xt-geek.com/

It´s worth it, esp. when you are working with DSP cards which are in need for pdc for their plugs.



I use energyXT as a workaround for LiveSlice in Renoise, LiveSlice can trigger additional Effects via Midi, Renoise doesn’t allow to send Midi Data between plugins. I use an instance of the EnergyXT VSTi and load LiveSlice with the additional effects into that. Beside that, you can also use it as plugin chainer or as a fully featured host, look at the pinned threads in the energyXT Forum to get you started. The good thing is, that all the project data of the VST versions of energyXT get saved into your Renoise project. Also if you are interested in eXT and buy it now, you’ll get V2 free, there will be a price increase when V2 is out.