What is pinning a VSTi supposed to do?

Hi there,

can anyone explain to me what the pin button for VSTi is supposed to do? For me, the only thing it does is to move the plugin window a bit more central to the screen…

It also closes and reopens the dialog when switching to other instruments.
The latter however can be annoying if you need more plugin windows open. Hence you can also disable it.

I was kind of expecting the pinning to integrate the VSTi GUI into the Renoise window or so. Right now it is still it’s own window, steals keyboard focus and will vanish behind the Renoise main window whenever I click into Renoise…

I doubt this will ever be possible to change such behavior anyhow, the plugin is also still its own program.
But you can disable the default pin-behavior in Beta 4.

Yeah, where is the control for that? i couldn’t find it in the preferences box.

It is the same pin icon in the plugin tab, the behavior is now global and permanent.