What Is Renoise Insight Edition????

mickrip found this and linked it on #renoise irc.


The ad says the controller comes with Renoise Insight Edition… what’s this?

Do they package a demo version of renoise with the item?

This is weird, Discuss.


lol, probably… “insight version” sound less cheap than “demo” version i guess.

Yips, exactly. Its a fancy demo.

That’s what I was thinking …

But who named it? I’ve never heard of the shareware version being named insight before.

That is one ugly looking controller

Man, I want one.
If I actually used external devices more than maybe twice a year, I would get it just to see what Renoise Insight is all about.

Curious what World-Elite is. I don’t like plastic midi controllers but the overall design of this full-size keyboard controller looks nice.

If they make or made a Matrix Controller, or any OSC device controllers I could see purchases in my future.

I think my next purchase is going to be one of those Behringer BCF2000s. They look fun!

Renoise Insight is simply Renoise Shareware, which has been renamed to make it sound like you’re getting value.

The white BCF2000 looks good. If I used mine more than I do, I would think about getting the white version too.
I don’t know if the white version is updated or improved at all but the orginal indigo-ish version is a solid midi controller.
It is fun.

I was just looking at B&H, and we need something like the Akai APC20 for Renoise, that controller looks nice.

This thread is getting interesting.