What Is Saved In A Dsp Chain?

If I select multiple dsp slots from multiple tracks in the mixer view and then save a dsp chain, will all selected dsp settings be saved? Can I save a complete track with it’s dsp settings plus a send channel with reverb settings for example?

When you save a DSP chain, it is based on the track that is currently selected, and it will only include that particular track’s devices (native effects, meta devices, VST/AU effects, etc) and whatever state they are in at that moment.

It will not include the DSP chains of any send tracks that the track may be routed to.

Ok, stupid question…

How do you then load the thing again? :)

  • Open the Disk Browser and select the “DSP Chain” category.
  • In either the Pattern Editor or Mixer view, move the track cursor to the track you want to load the chain into.
  • Load the chain .XRNT file as usual.
    Optionally, right-click the .XRNT file and choose “Load File with Options” to set if the loaded chain should replace, or be appended to, the current track’s existing DSP chain.