What is the function for MIDI Clock Sync?

Hi, I hope I am in the right category for my matter!!

I am currently trying to add my very own MIDI Mapping to the GlobalMidiActions.lua file for toggling MIDI Clock Sync, as it is not midi mappable inside of Renoise.
If you are not familiar about it: this feacture syncs Renoise (as a MIDI slave), to the MIDI master.
Here is what I am talking about: File:3.2 transportpanel-midislaveclock.png - Renoise User Manual

My idea is to activate the feature on a midi controller during a live session to sync both Renoise instances.
Then I would deactivate the feature and fix the BPM with something like an endless encoder.

I really do hope this feature is possible with some LUA coding, as it would it heavily extend Renoise for live performance.