What Is The Recommended Linux Setup For Renoise?


I’ve been using Renoise fine for sometime on Ubuntu Lucid. I do often come across the ASLA device being busy problem and I flip between using Jack and ALSA but these are minor issues for me (I also have just come across the post on the forum saying that you can use PulseAudio and Jack to get round this and to have audio from other apps playing at the same time).

I have decided that I want to have a standalone Linux install with which to run Renoise with, so I can get these settings sorted once and leave them.

I thus installed UbuntuStudio, thinking the realtime kernel would be a plus, it was of course after going through the hastle of installing UbuntuStudio that I found out that it doesn’t actually come with the realtime kernel by default and that you can install the kernel in any Ubuntu installation. Before I go further and try to install the realtime kernel, I wanted to ask the Linux gurus out there, what is the best setup to use with Renoise?

I plan on mostly using Renoise standalone on my laptop which has the dreaded Intel HDA Audio soundcard. I dont plan on using any Windows VSTs (at the moment, maybe in the future possibly) and might occasionally want to wire it up to a softsynth like Bristol or possibly to EnergyXT. I already have a Ubuntu install working fine and will use that for my internet and work stuff, so I need no other features other than the best Linux environment for Renoise.

Thus, can people tell me what the best setup for Renoise is under Linux? Is UbuntuStudio with the realtime kernel recommended, what about the rt-kernel or the low latency kernel? Should I be using Jack or ALSA or Pulseaudio? How much benefit does the realtime kernel give you over the stock on in Ubuntu if you don’t plan on using MIDI or routing audio around that much? If I just set up a renoise environment minus all the Gnome stuff, will that be as beneficial as using a realtime kernel???

Sorry for all the questions, I just don’t want to spend loads of time configuring UbuntuStudio only to find it offers no real advantages (I just spent half a day trying to get wireless working because it doesn’t come with NetworkManager by default, which strikes me as very odd indeed…)


I’ve read the Linux FAQ by the way and although very useful, it doesn’t say what is the best / preferred setup it merely states how to sort out the problems you might encounter…

Basically - Ubuntu doesn’t like the Intel HDA Audio soundcards. That’ll be the main source for your problems anyway. :(

Thanks for the replies and thanks for those Jack settings. Looks like I’ll just stick with Ubuntu default and Jack and run Renoise in a dedicated session. I guess any improvements I might get via UbuntuStudio or a realtime kernel are negated by my sucky soundcard ;)

Oh, and AWESOME feature that the forum saves your post if you forgot to log in - nice one Mr Web Admin…