What is this buisness?

Glitches @ 1:00


Not a buffer issue, not a sample rate issue, no other daw that i run has ever produced this type of problem.
It happens during playback and in the song render at random. “CPU” sits at 19% max for this project. This glitch is not track specific.

Only thing i can think of is Renoise doesn’t like having multiple instances of the same plugin as at the start of
the project there was none of this nonsense. Too many plugins to go through at this stage so hopefully someone else has
had the same experience? Not happy after hours of work!

Thanks in advance

Every plugin has some extra compatibility options underneath the question mark icon on the top-right of the left property panel.
If you are using Renoise 3.0, the static process buffering is disabled by default, some plugins might need this setting enabled (usually sampler plugins or similar plugins that work with fixed output buffering).
I suspect this will resolve your rendering issue…

Thanks, i have tried this without any luck. I have tried it on all plugins also. Is there anything else i could try?

I just noticed in a full song render it’s not including some plugins also
Fixed with real time render. Have tried different soundcards with no luck. Monitored CPU meter - no spikes on glitch. Glitches still happened at random, still at random in song renders also.

Aha yes, sorry i forgot the first obvious:the fast render options can incorporate sample size processing times because Renoise knows all the data, with plugins Renoise does not know how much time the plugin needs to get the precise output, with realtime mode all plugins at least get their fair chance to empty their audio buffers (including the effects that they apply to their audio feed) before having to process new input.

Is there anything else you can reccomend in solving the glitch issue? it’s kinda put my little project at a halt until i can manage to render at least a single glitch-less wav file lol

Looks like i’m searching for a new transient shaper… the Sonnox Oxford one is the culprit.

Usually take enough audio buffer space for processing. In some cases the buffer of the audiocard is also involved for processing. Otherwise the static buffering toggling still stands (some plugins require static, some plugins can not live with static)

Weird, the glitches disappeared for a few hours after sacrificing some plugins as mentioned previously with Waves RBass, however the glitches have returned.
They are not as frequent as before however in a full song render i am unable to get a glitchless master that i am hoping to release asap.

Once again, the glitches are audible at random in both playback AND song render (attempted realtime and offline), glitches are not track specific, no cpu spikes, i am using static buffers, other daws i use have never produced these types of glitches, have used soundcard buffer at max and different multiples and have already started to sacrifice some plugins i really rely on.

Was unable to open project in an earlier release of Renoise to test if v3 beta is the issue. Could this be some sort of vst plugin management issue?
Several days of work so far so not too keen to abandon the project.