What Is This Man Singing? (Short Sample)

What is this man singing? I guess it is “Black mans soul”, but I hope it’s not as that wont fit into my song :unsure:


UPDATE: I’ve used it in this song posted later in this thread.

“Rock my soul”? idk

Black man strong?

hahhahaha. black man soul. lol.

I guess this.

You’re all deaf. :P

He’s saying “bad man sound”.

Seems to be from this track “Doctor P - Badman Sound”, but it sounds like quite a generic sample, so it probably appears in other tracks, too. I’m not really a big follower of dubstep.


What dblue said. Considering the sound of the voice, it might be from a Prime Loops “Rasta Vocals” volume. So, if you’re looking for samples like that in fine quality, check out their site. They’re running a 50%off-sale atm. Great stuff for your purpose there, for a few bucks only. :)

-> Prime Loops “Rasta Vocals”

Edit: Checked this. It’s a sample from the “Rasta Vocal Samples” (Vol.1) library. So, be aware of copyright issues, if you use your sample without owning the library.

All right thanks guys, it is indeed from the sample library, I just didn’t know what he was singing and I didn’t want to use it next to the other vocal sample I used without knowing the meaning :D

yes it’s indeed “badman sound”…and it’s been used in a shitload of tracks.