What is your hardware 'dream setup' in audio domain?

for me personally it would be the following:

  1. Yamaha p115 for midi(owned new one, and sold for no particular reason… i still regret it) - or any in that range…
  2. Akai mpc X
  3. 27’ monitor (Dell UltraSharp 27: U2715H) with common pc setup (reason: tracking audio/midi in mixbus 32c - most likely archlinux)
  4. DT880 (i own dt770 for a long time, but i’d love a change!)
  5. Yamaha HS7/HS8 (i wouldn’t be disappointed even if it was HS5)
  6. Tascam 16x8

what about you boys and girls? :thinking:

I have everything I need except a good singing voice. I would also love to take some serious course in arrangement, songwriting and mixing.

OK, an isovox 2 would be fun to have.


about the topics you want to learn, i’d gladly share my knowledge if you are willing to listen to me :D:D

A good desktop or laptop running Renoise with unlimited time.


Polyend Tracker for sequencing and sampling, Korg Monologue for synthesis and general inspiration. Just these two machines are plenty powerful and enough for me :slight_smile:

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