What It Was Like In The Before Time.

Maybe you’ve allready seen this: Wayback Machine: www.renoise.com

Some of the site versions aren’t working. I sure am glad there aren’t any customer testimonials anymore like in Nov 27, 2002. I can’t remember thinking they were that lame back then :P

Now I’m trying to remember other webpages I used to visit back in the days… hornet archives was not included :(

holy motherf****ing crap, they have a backup of my old old homepage with most some of the downloads intact …



Hahahahahaha! I was looking for the old noisetrekker.dachiphop.com site but it wasn’t archived so I started searching on altavista and I came across this forum: www.no.future.com

In this thread some guy called TakTik says his roommate is developing a new tracker called noisetrekker 3.
:blink: :ph34r: :eek:
So, what did you do “Taktik”? Kill your roommate, steal his tracker and his online identity? :P

I don’t think Eduard would match himself a sub-alias called Jeff Pils now would he? :huh:

I like opinions: