What Kind Of Color Picker Works With Renoise For Making Themes?

im trying to color pick colors to make a theme but the color picker is reading the colors wrong.

Can you please be more specific?

Are you talking about the colour picker in Renoise? If so, how is it reading the colours wrong? What’s wrong about them?

If you’re talking about some other 3rd party colour picker, then which one?

Not sure if this is your problem, but I often adjust the global color filter without clicking apply. If you don’t click to apply then any colors you pick will be affected by the your current global color settings. This might be why you think it is reading your colors wrong.

i want to pick the colors from my fav gui im using color cop. when i use color cop, and ‘pick’ the colors from the screen, the colors look similar, but dont match really.

I’m giving Color Cop a quick try now.

It seems to be working correctly overall. If I use it to pick my track colours, for example, then it does correctly pick the exact same colour. However, there are other areas of Renoise’s GUI that are using background textures and will have a little bit of colour blending applied. In these areas, you might experience a slight difference (maybe 1 or 2 hex values) between the theme colour and the actual colour displayed. If you disable the textures in Renoise’s theme, then the picked colours will be an exact match to the theme colours.

Here I picked the Body_Back colour, and you can see it’s an exact match when I have textures disabled:

2989 renoise-color-cop.png

It would be super awesome if there was a pipette tool like Color Cop built into Renoise theme color editor section, or all Renoise theme color pickers.

Also cool would be a way to not have to type in the R, G, and B values separately, a right click and paste from clipboard #rrggbb and auto-massage into 0xrr 0xgg 0xbb would be very welcome addition IMO :)

It’s fun to make themes, but it’s cumbersome to use custom colors since they have to be manually typed in. Paste option would speed this up! Sample-from-anywhere-pipette color dropped native to Renoise native palette would be ideal :)