What Kind Of Music You Mainly Compose?

Curiosity! :)

This poll was VERRRRY hard for me… lol! Breaking down what I produce into labels, and most of the time I find that others view my music as styles way off from what I think the track is =P




Wasn’t in the poll so I clicked Electro, dnb.

Voted Drum and Bass.

Currently listening to: Dfast “Jn2”

It’s like Steve Spacek and Bungle crossed wires. IT IS SO TOTALLY FRESH YO.

EDIT: WHOA-yuss. With a 5 minute wander round’ the user profiles and links - there’s a lot of good original music here…

mainly electronic and psychedelic.

oldskool rave/hardcore,

voted the drum’n’bass one.

everything, almost literally, i don’t really like to categorize anything by genres

Writting this poll, I realised that it’s difficult to categorize all types of music, but I think it’s sometimes necessary, it’s it? Especialy for this poll of course! ;)

What in the world is “word-music”?


…is the shit!

wow you’re part of the cytoplasik collective eh? much respect!

Bass-heavy dancefloor music. Didn’t vote, though.

Just started a few weeks ago, but the goal is old school / eurodance / eurobeat music. And myabve one day I give DnB a try, but first learn, learn learn :)

Weird Experimental Stuff

How the hell did you find that one? Didn’t remember I had that one uploaded… old piece of crapz.


definitely healing.

Ooops sorry, it’s “World-Music” and not “Word-Music”…

well, I would leave it as is, since

World music is a general categorical term for global music, such as the traditional music or folk music of a culture that is created and played by indigenous musicians and is closely related to the music of the regions of their origin. […] However, world music is not exclusively traditional folk music. It may refer to the indigenous classical forms of various regions of the world, and to modern, cutting edge pop music styles as well. Succinctly, it can be described as “local music from out there”,[4] or “someone else’s local music”

doesn’t really mean much? nobody does traditional folk music with renoise, and everybody is local to themselves and remote to most everybody else.

I checked word music because I use lyrics and speech samples haha :P

For example music with samples (mainly from traditionnal culture) as Deep-Forest’s songs are often considered as world-music too. So Renoise can be used for this kind of songs of course. ;)