What Kind Of Music You Mainly Compose?

I mainly make random retarted experimental stuff. Other than that: breakcore, dubstep, drum n bass, idm, and more recently working on remixes.

While I am still getting used to composing music in Renoise, I voted for electronic and ambient music.

I voted for rock-pop, pop music. Although my strain of it is fairly progressive, ambient and texturally experimental. Working hard on some new stuff that will hopefully showcase it all for you.

<= is interested

I’m using Google Document’s spreadsheet function to organise the project. What is cool is you can check in and see how my progress is going:

All the songs are fully written, but I’m taking a long time to get them mixed properly. And it will take a long time to correctly record the guitars and vocals.

The spreedsheet tool is very handy. I suggest anyone who is attempting an album to give it a try. Helps to motivate you.

well, you could easily do such a spreadsheet inside Renoise itself :D

Heh, true. But you can’t collaborate with it real time. I’ve been using the Google ones for client work, working through album projects.

I make boogie woogie acid.