What Kind Of Organ Is This?

Hello renoisers,

I´ve been listening some cool deep house tracks and very often appears this organ. Very warm, i like it!

(seems to be connected to some wah-wah effect)

Any info about? any vsti suggestion?

I´d like to try that sound myself!

  • Klez

It sounds to me like a rather plain organ with two delays and a chorus. Maybe a slight touch of vibrato. Wah wahs does more to the filter than this example. But hey, I could be completely wrong. B)

nah, I think it´s not a plain organ. It seems to be an electric piano,
and it´s used in a lot of songs (so a concrete model/Synth should fit here).

What i´m sure is that isn´t a Rhodes (tried Mrray Vst)

If it sounds good, does it really mathers WHAT sound it is? I mean you have the .wav there ;)

holly sh¡t, somebody should know what vst sounds like that :huh:

How about a bigger example than one chord that plays for longer than 3 seconds? If we heard more examples of the attack of the instrument–like it playing single notes, then we could probably tell you. What song is the clip from?

Try this free vsti with delay and low pass filter to soften the sound…



ok guys, time to listen

First click this url:

Then download the Song: “Sirocco” (it´s for free)

I got there looking for info about a composer called “SPACER IV” who wrote the awesome song “Arc 3” but never heard again of him… years passed

So clicking here… there… i discovered that site, and his real name: J. S. Zeiter

So Mr. Zeiter, if you are reading this topic, please could you be so kind to iluminate me?

  • Klez

It sounds like a 70’s rhodes electric piano. The best version of a vsti of an electric piano is from SampleTank2–you can get a free version from their website (the way it’s “crippled” is that it lets you use only one SampleTank2 instrument per song), get the free “73 E Piano” sound. It’s a great sound. Then run it through effects.

damm i tried mrray72 and mrray22 and it´s very hard to get that sound. I also had a try with a Master Hammond b3 but absolutely out of luck there… :huh:

Well, i´ll continue testing vsts… :walkman: