What Makes You Inspired To Make Music?

Music inspriration can be very hard to get on demand, just like inspiration for anything creative.
I can get music ideas then I’m on long walks in the mountain or watching a movie.

What makes you inspired to be creative and make music?


… so i guess you’re pretty uninspired?


Running or walking very fast on my own. After a short while, I always find myself repeating some rhythmic pattern. I think it’s the rhythmic breathing. Walking slowly seems to be better for humming melodies. Sometimes I record it with my mobile, because I’m really bad in remembering these things.

Another inspirational activity for me is vacuum-cleaning. I love the minimalist noise of the vacuum cleaner!

Being single, unemployed, and nothing else to do.

But I still don’t manage to make a finished song very often.

Drama and people having to go through with it…


connecting with the universe

Seeing an act live and thinking - I could do that better.

i guess emotional pain and discomfort and the need to express it with something that goes beyond words, with the hope that someone will understand me by entering the same state of mind while listening to my music … at least that’s how it all started

Drugs! hmmkay :rolleyes:

:ph34r: imminent death :ph34r:

+1 for boredom.

There’s no deep philosophical meaning to it, I just feel slightly less crap after having spent some time making music each day instead of staring vacantly into space and wasting time on the internet.

by all what i see , hear , feel
and than i let my mind and heart free
and my brain coordinate my fingers to
write this inn renoise!
i don´t make music for mony or others , at first i make music for me!
and if other like´s it … than all is fine ^^
and that makes me feel to make more music .



Pissing people off