What Midi Controllers Are You Using?

I am looking in investing a new high quality midi controller. Something beyond your standard M-audio stuff, as I am looking to step up in quality and features.

Currently I think my top two contenders are the CME boards or the Novation boards. I wonder if there is anyone here who has used Renoise with either of these companies and if you could maybe share your experience with this keyboards and Renoise. I am a Mac user so I dunno if that comes into consideration. Each claims they are plug n’ play and so forth.

For Novation I am currently leaning towards the X-station simply because of the built in audio interface and the hardware synth in it. I have always been partial to the Novation synth sound, and the built in interface would save me a lot of trouble with my laptop in purchasing something additional.

With regards to CME I am still pretty much all over the place for them.

If there are any other suggestions out there that people might have to throw my way I am open.


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