What One May

What One May

trying to get feedback on form, melody, transition, overall composition. anything really :) thanks!

I like the song a lot!

I think it’s very cool that you use a 7/4 beat (not sure if you call it like that but I can count till seven each bar)
and that it sounds natural.

Very nice amen-slicing

The melody is very nice. You’re getting addicted to it. so the song could be a little bit longer.

My only critism I can give is some more convincing bassline here and there. And the song could use more melody layers but that’s personal. I can imagin that some people don’t like much layers in songs like this.

Keep on rocking!

great track…nice drums and melody, rock on…

to me it’s just perfect as is… ? awesome tweaks all over the place, this will be replayed a lot ! :)

  • some high freq really hurting my ears, don’t get me wrong, i loooove high’s, just a tiny bit to much at the some stutters… it messed with my head o0

overall <3