What Renoise version should i use ?

Okay, i am using Renoise 3.0 and its just too amazing ! I make all kinds of music with it and use a lots of vsts ans advanced techniques for different production.

My problem is when i make chiptune i always end up using too much effects or “Send”, doofer, phrase or anything else ! To skip that problem i ended up using MilkyTracker but i am sure i can achive this using renoise and this is why i am asking !

What version of renoise should suits the best for Chiptune/Lofi production without the bells and whistle ?

The lower the version number, the less effects are available, but…

…what’s stopping you from choosing to make a song with no effects? Try to delete all but three tracks and and all the send tracks, then see how authentic your result sounds.

It doesn’t matter what version you use, just limit yourself to whatever capabilities the system you’re trying to emulate has.

Yes i know i can limit myself, but as i learned tracker from renoise 2.8 i dont feel as i master the old way of tracking and this is why i want to be limited by my software ! Its too easy to say “Oh well i just have to use This feature instead and it will do the same !”

I want to dig into other tracker format like Deflemask, Ntrq, Pulsar and goat tracker for my future entry on Botb and each time i work on those tracker i feel unconfortable because i am too used to the newer functions !

Thanks for your advice guys i appreciate but i just want to force myself working on more basic tracking feature !

I think, if you wish to master the old ways of tracking (for whatever perverse reason ;) then maybe Renoise should not be the tool of choice… it’s always been relatively evolved when you compare it to trackers on C64 and Amiga … why not use an emulator and get tracking on C64, Amiga or Atari ST … then you will experience the ‘old’ ways.

I feel that all of the renoise versions so far is great for Chiptune/Lofi production. I get it, the idea of making music with the limited number of options the chipmusic heros of yesterday had available. But I feel chunter makes a great point and I hope you are encouraged to try his suggestion of taking the effects off and listen for authenticity. Not that music without these effects is less authentic, but because you already mentioned that you have already been inspired to implement these effects it makes me think that you were already following your ears and ‘feels’ before worrying if it’s made on the same playing field as other musicians who have inspired you to track. I have gathered that the chipmusic veterans used everything they could to enhance the beauty of their sounds and would have loved renoise back then. Many of the chiptune modules I’ve looked at showed that the artist mostly likely processed their samples and tracks with whatever wav editor simply because the effects weren’t an option in their tracker. I can think of a good few of those people who are using renoise now because in tracker land renoise is the best for a lot of things. nevertheless, have fun with whatever you’d like to do.

i guess its 1.9ver because there is draw sample function, dont use mixer use envelopes and sapmle commands in pattern matrix

Use Renoise, then use this plugin. Authentic oldschool guaranteed?

Use the current Renoise & a MIDI adapter for whatever console you’re writing for, like a MIDINES or mGB with a Nanoloop Gameboy MIDI cable.

OpenMPT or Milkytracker is the true way

You could try the dedicated chip trackers, like Famitracker. I love me some Famitracker. If you’re feeling the SID chiptune try Goattracker.

Schism Tracker if you want a more Impulse Tracker-like interface, or like mentioned, milky tracker if you want a more FT2 style interface.

Don’t use MPT though, it’s poo poo. Very failed attempt at remaking & extending Impulse Tracker, whereas Schism is a rather successful one.