What reverb are you using in Renoise, and how?

For a converted song, I captured the Renoise standard reverb with an IR capture tool. Though it seems that the captured IR sounds more statical than the original. So I guess, even the Renoise standard reverb provides some subtle over-time modulation. I wonder if there is any IR capturing tool available which also can capture at least fragments in time domain, e.g. doing multi captures and then blend over constantly?

One thing I do to make the convolver sound more “alive” and wide is seperating dry and wet and adding chorus/flanger devices pre/post to the convolver.

thanks @OopsIFly, though I know this :slight_smile: I was more looking for replicating that pure randomness of the reverb. I guess multi capturing would not be a solution either. It was more a conceptual thought. Still I want Renoise FX as paid VST suite…

Freeverb2 at the audacityteam forum section GVerb

for ambiency I use per channel/group only #multiband send mid & high to
https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/service/downloads - search for “Virtual Studio”
Virtual Studio plugin setting knob 4 (this thing has 4 knobs) “Big Venue”
sometimes I cut the midrange afterwards a little.

currently it’s the Vallhalla Vintage Verb… and now that I have the TI2, I will be using that as my fx processor. I also have the zoom pedal too but I hate programming it lol

A lot of tracks have too much reverb these days, just a little is fine…people go over the top with reverb. Doesnt sound that great

In response to your 3 questions:

  1. I use Audio Damage’s Eos reverb which I absolutely love both for epic, ambient reverb but also for more subtle “room” typre reverbs. I’m amazed this hasn’t been mentioned as it is one of the best reverbs I have heard and very reasonably priced. I don’t use either native reverbs as they sound cheap and metallic to my ears.

  2. I do both, typically using a send for longer / washy reverbs as a unifying mix glue and adding shorter room reverbs as inserts, with more tweaking per channel.

  3. No, I only really use and compression and EQ as inserts per channel and use the sends to give them some common qualitys like reverb, delay, modulation, etc.

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