What Ringtones Do You Use!

I go for Zelda 3 - Dark World :D

i don’t have a mobile phone, i think they are pointless, i mean who the hell would i talk to?

Usually I copy some MP3s to my K700i and if I have the time, I am going to let a company remove the Vodafone Branding so that I can use the MP3 as Ringtone.

I voted for the “annoying” because I created some Midi-Files for my mobile

I even have a video ringtone containing my music. I just chose one of the videos from http://www.hardstyle.tv/ :)

i used to have an own “composition” (rather a bunch of notes, which is actually the correct definition of my compositions :lol:), but then I changed it with my own voice which says “Fabio, could you please answer to the call? Fabio, look at the phone, please. Fabio…?! The phone! Fabio! Look here! Hey! Fabiooo!! Oh… forget it…”, but I mostly have vibration active, to avoid annoyances to people.

I’m one of the last italians to do it.

And one of the very last to have a mobile phone which simply places and receives calls, instead of making coffee, ironing, choosing your dresses, playing chess, and maybe, sometime, even place and receive calls.

Some years ago, I saw a commercial about a mobile phone. It looked very funny at the beginning: there was a business-man who waked up, used his mobile to cut his beard, make coffee and iron his shirt, then a voice said: “Maybe this is not yet possible - end of the funny part -, but we have created the first mobile phone with colour screen”, which basically had just coloured menus, because it wasn’t able to show/make/send pictures, nor placing video calls, and so on. The business man stared amazed at it, browsed some useless menues, then said: “It’s incredible”.


That would be great! I can never decide which dress to wear :P

Robocop 3 (intro) (Jeroen tel)
Multirock (Volker Meitz aka PRI)

There are many more sids you can convert to wav and use a ringtone.


I’ve re-composed two patterns of BLADSWED.MOD as a midi-file to use it as a ringtone on my cell. But like It-Alien, I actually use only vibrato :)

I actually put quite a bit of work into making the Metroid intro tune for my monophonic SonyEricsson T200.

I used an nsf file and played each channel slowly to pick out the notes then I used renoise to puzzle together a mono channel version that sounded like the original 2-channel tune.

…Then me and my brother (who also had a T200) would play the song at the same time on both phones and shake them around to create weird phase effects. Oh those were fun times. =)

But my phone has been broken for about 6 months and I dont feel the urge to get a new one right away. I actually hate it when people can reach me ALL the time. =/

I’m using “The A Team” theme as my ringtone. It came with my phone (to tell the 100% truth - it wasn’t in the default rigntones in the phone. My brother put it there, so it was there when I got this phone).

I like putting mp3’s on my phone and use them as ringtones, used to have whatever sounded like a phone on my single tone, Castlevania on my polyfonic and some Sonic thing on my K700i. Still, as I listen to my discman most of the time when I’m outside it’s silent and vibrating.

Oh, and the funny phased stereo effect is the shit… :P

:D i also use robocop 3 as ringtone and some voker meitz tunes. have you tried rob hubbard’s “one man and his droid”? turn on vibration and never miss a call :)
i certainly use my own compositions from C64. browse the HVSC for some nasty SID’s by dEViLOCK ;)

I still have my old Nokia 3310 and am not really planning on upgrading soon (it just got a fresh battery recently) as I don’t use the phone that much anyway. Anyway, I have the themesong from Armoured Assault, a game on the Spectravideo 328 (pretty MSX-compatible homecomputer from the 80’s), as a ringtone.

I use several ringtones for different caller groups. My phone is a Siemens C45, so it’s all monophonic although you can feed it midi files with more channels. I answered “game music” but I also convert modules (mine and otherwise) to ringtones using FT2 and Midi Tracker. By converting I mean of course re-tracking. Currently my ringtones are “Tuturne Land!” (Asm’96 4ch entry) by Maf / Sdm & Slc and Mythos / Realtime, a hybrid of “Rock Garden” (from Tyrian) by Alexander Brandon and “Mechanicus” subtune #3 (check HVSC) by Markus Müller and “Bleep of Faith” which was my oldskool music entry for last year’s Assembly.

oh, boys! how do you find all that time? :unsure:

My old-generation t-29s ( Ericson ) is all b0rken. People got it falling on every kind of ground and now it barely manages to remain turned on when someone calls. When this happens… in the beginning there is a “beep” and the phone starts vibrating… then my own, simple version of the well known Final Fantasy 7 arpeggio comes up.

used to have some self-made ringmelody on my nokia 3310 but ringtone began to piss me off more and more, so now i just have some beeps. i guess it is the influence of all that annoying ringtone ads on tv ond everywhere, and all the people getting all jiggyjhiggy over that ringtone crap.

i just can’t believe the prices for downloadable ringtones… about 3 € you can pay for a short crap version of your even more crappy fav charts song :rolleyes:

it’s just so unreal to me, mp3s cost around one euro if you buy in some online shop, ringtone cost three times more…?

No phone here. I don’t want idiots being able to contact me. I choose when to talk to the idiots. A slow intermitant dosage of idiots keeps me grounded. An unavoidable but also necessary part of life. It gives you a sense of perspective, but you’ve got to have some control on when you let that in. I had a mobphone for 6 months and hated it.

The only thing they are good for is to put up to your guitar pickups. Couple that with a tonn of distortion and you’ve got some great sounds. :guitar:

Imagine what that’s doing to your brain and testicles!! :blink:

Foo?: there are phones which use software which are able to blacklist phone numbers. Maybwe you could check one of those (the ones with SymbianOS, maybe mispelled).

I seriously thought I had to buy one a couple of years ago, because a girl was harassing me calling all the time, but then I finally got rid of her, so I still have my (always turned off) old mobile :)

Heh, you’ll just find that I’m being a selective luddite, similar to being selectively deaf. I can go on all day about web programming and biotech, but this whole sms, chat, messenger, mobphone thing creeps me out. Even my phone line at home has an answering machine on it so I can screen calls.

Email is good because you can read it when you want to, and respond to it when you want to. that’s why forums are good to.

Less connectivity means more time actually thinking deeply about things and being creative. For example, I’ve been without a soundcard for a week now and I’m actually rediscovering playing chords on the guitar. I’m actually playing better than ever…

Yet again, I don’t know how people can use those phones when they want their brain and balls to be free of cancer and commercial propaganda etc…