What`s The Deal With Vst`s?

Everyones talking about VST`s and it seems like im the only one who dosnt use them.
I have acctually been tracking for a long time and i still dont know what the deal is…

Please someone explain how to install these and why i should juse them.
Is VST a part of Renoise or?



Another thing. When i install the VSTs into the VST plugin folder inside the renoise folder it dosnt show in the VST plugins inside Renoise. It dosnt work :huh:

C:Program FilesRenoiseVstPlugins
Thats where i put it

check if the respective directory is correctly set up in the renoise configuration.
(renoise -> configs -> misc / vst -> vst directories -> “browse to correct dir”)

also make sure that you’ve installed VSTs correctly (means: do not place any .exe files into your vstplugins directory but the .dll’s)
some VSTs come with installer - just tell the installer to install to your plugins dir then.
those coming without installer usually just need the .dll’s to be copied in the plugins dir.

and the advantage about VST plugins is of course, that you can
a) use high quality (depends on plugin) DSP effects like reverb, filters, delays, compressors, EQs, flanger, phaser, etc.
b) make use of software synthesizers, which are able to create virtually every sound you just might be in need of.
they also maintain their dynamics throughout all octaves, which does not apply for samples which will usally sounds “broken” and “unnatural” when played at lower or higher octaves as it was sampled in.

Thanks Keith.

Just the answer i was looking for :)

and a whole new world awaits … :)